Modeling & Analysis

Making informed DER deployment and operational decisions requires a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory, technical, and economic opportunities provided by DERs. SGP’s techno-economic modeling capabilities can help translate numerous potential DER opportunities into quantified and prioritized DER deployment plans.

Our process typically starts by identifying specific ways in which DERs create value in your ecosystem including taking into account regulatory and state DER incentive opportunities. Building on this understanding, our modeling tools simulate how DERs perform within these structures, enabling us to objectively optimize DER technology types, sizing, configuration, and location to achieve the maximum benefit. This capability enables DER program planning to be based on data-driven decisions with analytical justification.

SGP uses internally-developed modeling tools that are highly customizable to a specific project or program as well as provided for ongoing use by your team.

Non-Wires Alternatives Techno-Economic Analysis

Identify, model, and quantify the benefits of DER projects and other non-wires alternatives including economic and technical benefits.

DER ISO Market Modeling

Economic modeling and policy analysis of DERs in ISO markets. Outcomes include feasibility assessments, asset sizing, and investment-grade revenue projections for DERs in bulk power markets.

BTM and Utility Program Economic Modeling

Economic modeling and policy analysis for behind-the-meter (BTM) tariff and DER incentive programs. Results include feasibility assessments, optimal DER deployment configuration, DER sizing and dispatch, and projected customer economic benefit.

Optimal DER sizing and Conceptual Project Design

Development of DER conceptual project design by identifying and quantifying DER value creation mechanisms and determining optimal technology types, sizing, and siting. Results in a ~15% DER project design for us in regulatory proceedings, budget and project planning, and procurement.

"It takes speed, precision, and volume to win in the emerging solar + storage market. SGP developed the tools to help us capitalize on these opportunities and deliver value to our customers. We are now building ESS projects."
Travis Stowers, Solar/Energy Storage Solutions Engineer, Centrica Business Solutions

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