Sizing solar + ESS assets for grid support

SGP calculated the optimal sizing for a combined solar + energy storage system, including identifying and quantifying grid benefits and using a model to design the optimal asset dispatch strategy.


A Consumers Energy community solar project was identified as a good place to pilot DC-coupled solar + storage and validate use cases. SGP’s techno-economic model simulated grid benefits including shifting solar energy on a prescribed dispatch schedule or in response to wholesale market energy prices, shifting energy to reduce peak loading of the hosting distribution circuit, and smoothing solar output to mitigate impacts of intermittency on power quality. The modeling, analytics, and advisory services that SGP delivered gave a solid technical grounding to the selection of energy storage sizing and technology and allowed Consumers to confidently move forwards into technology procurement.

Photovoltaic Solar array
Consumers Energy

Michigan’s largest Public utility, providing natural gas and electricity to 6.7 million customers. By 2040, Consumers Energy plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Geographic Focus
  • Michigan and lower Peninsula
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