DER Expert Witness / Consultant

As the DER industry matures and project complexity increases, it is inevitable that contract disputes and disagreements arise over technical and commercial matters.  Disputes are especially challenging for an asset like energy storage that is technically complex, has increasingly complex commercial guarantees, and has recently transitioned from being an emerging technology to a widely deployed commercial asset.

Navigating these disputes takes a combination of engineering and technical analysis, contract interpretation, and a knowledge of industry norms and standards.

SGP is uniquely well positioned to provide these services as an independent entity with extensive experience in the ESS industry with both contractual and technical subject matter.  SGP personnel have been qualified as expert witnesses in past legal proceedings.

DER Expert Witness

Data-driven, evidence-based analysis resulting in advice, formal reports, and expert testimony by independent, highly credible, industry-experienced subject matter experts.

DER Expert Consultant

Confidential consultation and strategic advisory services in support of effective case development and thorough discoveries review.

"The combination of years of experience in energy storage design and contracting, insightful data analysis abilities, clear communication style, and get-it-done attitude combine to make SGP extremely credible and persuasive litigation consultants and expert witnesses. They are also a pleasure to work with."
John Rothermich, Partner, K&L Gates

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