The Sound Grid Partners team has supported dozens of diverse utility-integrated DER projects across the US. Below are just a few examples of how our services can support DER project and program development.

"The combination of years of experience in energy storage design and contracting, insightful data analysis abilities, clear communication style, and get-it-done attitude combine to make SGP extremely credible and persuasive litigation consultants and expert witnesses. They are also a pleasure to work with."
John Rothermich, Partner, K&L Gates
"SGP’s experience covers just about every aspect needed to build a utility ESS program. They were our go-to resource as we built up our internal energy storage program and capabilities."
Steve Casey, Manager, Strategic Planning, Eversource Energy
"SGP knows the energy storage market. SGP’s analytics and procurement support helped us launch our storage practice and move quickly on project opportunities"
Will Fischer, VP of Business Development, Summit Ridge Energy
"It takes speed, precision, and volume to win in the emerging solar + storage market. SGP developed the tools to help us capitalize on these opportunities and deliver value to our customers. We are now building ESS projects."
Travis Stowers, Solar/Energy Storage Solutions Engineer, Centrica Business Solutions
"SGP’s deep and diverse knowledge of electric utility operations coupled with their experience with solar and energy storage technologies enabled them to earn the trust of our teams. Their work enabled us to prioritize among the many ways we could deploy solar and storage so that we pursue the path of greatest value for our customers."
Vanessa Kisicki, Director, Distribution Strategy, Salt River Project
"We trusted SGP to work closely with a strategic customer and our internal teams to design a microgrid solution that supports our individual objectives more cost effectively then either of us could achieve alone. They excelled at distilling complex analyses into a design that is actionable for us and our customer."
Chris Campbell, Senior Director, Distribution & Telecom Operations, Salt River Project

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