We are experts in the design and operation of distributed energy resources (DER) who are driven by a commitment to help electric utilities navigate the clean energy transition in a way that meets society’s need for a reliable and affordable power system.


Our analyses and leadership have supported numerous power system operators in gaining regulatory approval for energy storage and other DER projects, including multiple utility rate-based projects.


We deliver a unique engagement that transforms our clients by respecting and empowering practitioners, supporting them with tools and experience, and challenging them to achieve more with DERs as part of their normal operations.


We have direct experience in electric utility engineering and operations, advanced power system modelling and analytics, DER technology creation focused on energy storage utilization, DER deployment, and organizational leadership and change.

Our Mission

To accelerate the decarbonization of the electric grid by providing engineering, analytics, and procurement capabilities that enable utilities to make distributed energy resources a normal part of a safe, reliable, low-cost electric grid.

Our Team
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Dan Sowder, P.E.
Co-Founder & Principal

Dan Sowder, P.E., is a co-founder and Principal of Sound Grid Partners and leads customer engagement and business operations. Over the course of his career, he has advanced the deployment and utilization of distributed energy resources across multiple facets of the power system ecosystem while also creating new technologies and building successful business enterprises.

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Tess Williams, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Principal

Tess Williams, Ph.D., is a co-founder and Principal of Sound Grid Partners and leads analytics and design services. She is an expert in helping electric utilities and other megawatt scale power producers to evaluate, procure, integrate and optimize energy storage and other distributed energy resources.

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Stuart Metler, PMP

Stuart Metler, PMP, is a consultant at Sound Grid Partners and leads project development and delivery services. He has extensive experience at all stages of the DER project life cycle, including contracting, procurement, construction, hand-over, and operation. He has designed and deployed over 40 renewable energy projects throughout North and South America.

"The combination of years of experience in energy storage design and contracting, insightful data analysis abilities, clear communication style, and get-it-done attitude combine to make SGP extremely credible and persuasive litigation consultants and expert witnesses. They are also a pleasure to work with."
John Rothermich, Partner, K&L Gates
"It takes speed, precision, and volume to win in the emerging solar + storage market. SGP developed the tools to help us capitalize on these opportunities and deliver value to our customers. We are now building ESS projects."
Travis Stowers, Solar/Energy Storage Solutions Engineer, Centrica Business Solutions
"SGP’s experience covers just about every aspect needed to build a utility ESS program. They were our go-to resource as we built up our internal energy storage program and capabilities."
Steve Casey, Manager, Strategic Planning, Eversource Energy
"SGP knows the energy storage market. SGP’s analytics and procurement support helped us launch our storage practice and move quickly on project opportunities"
Will Fischer, VP of Business Development, Summit Ridge Energy

Sound Grid Partners is an active member in driving the growth of clean energy in our region and nationally.