Procurement Support

Today’s DER supply chain offers an ever-growing list of technology options from a dynamic international supplier landscape.  New technologies also require advanced contracting methods that reflect their characteristics and complexity.  The industry has learned a lot in recent years – sometimes the hard way – about what works and what doesn’t in effective DER contracting.

Up-to-date and technology-appropriate procurement and contracting is an essential element for advanced DERs to perform in financeable projects.  For energy storage, this includes warranties and performance guarantees that balance crisp supplier guarantees with flexibility to use the asset as needed.

The SGP team believes that long-term project success requires strong buyer/supplier partnerships that are based on clearly defined performance requirements, strong warranty and performance guarantees, and the fair allocation of project risk.  We have led numerous DER procurement efforts as both the buyer and technology provider, including leading projects from procurement through project execution.  As long-time and active participants in the ESS supply chain, we have a detailed understanding of the people, companies, and technology cost dynamics of today’s market.

Energy Storage Procurement and Contracts Advisory

Program- and project-level procurement advisory services that helps our clients develop low-risk procurement plans, project specifications, technology cost projections, and contracting strategies needed for effective supplier engagement.  Includes a detailed knowledge of today’s energy storage contracting best practices such as performance guarantees, life-cycle management, and project risk controls.

RFP Development and Management

Supply of end-to-end RFP development and management services resulting in optimized vendor and subcontractor selection.  Services provided include project planning and conceptual project design, development of RFP documentation, supplier engagement, RFP issuance and management, proposal review and supplier selection, and contract development and negotiation support.

New Technology Analysis

Support of system design and procurement decisions via provision of technology landscape reviews, targeted new technology feasibility investigations (risk assessment, readiness for deployment, supply-chain stability), and vendor/supplier commercial evaluations.

"SGP’s experience covers just about every aspect needed to build a utility ESS program. They were our go-to resource as we built up our internal energy storage program and capabilities."
Steve Casey, Manager, Strategic Planning, Eversource Energy

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