DER Program Design

Building a successful DER project is one thing; turning that into a scalable DER program that delivers long-term value is quite another. More than just a focus on one asset, DER Program Design involves defining the underlying value of a DER program, deploying a set of assets and operations to achieve this value, and finally designing the people and control processes that make the program function for the long term.

Successful DER programs complement the ecosystem in which they function, including the regulatory, commercial, and technical environment, both now and in the future. This takes a domain-spanning combination of knowledge bases including technology expertise, grid engineering, commercial and markets, regulatory, and utility operations.

SGP employs the strategy of “begin with the end in mind” by facilitating an up-front process to understand DER program objectives, identify how value is created by DERs on your system (“value creation mechanisms”), and use analysis to determine the types, sizes, and locations for DERs that create the most value in your ecosystem. SGP personnel have supported the design of multiple ESS programs and used this understanding to drive individual project designs.

We offer multiple services that help our clients make informed front-end decisions for their DER projects or programs.

Conceptual Project Design

This process first defines and quantifies the specific ways in which DERs create value in your ecosystem. Technical and economic modeling is then used to determine how DERs can create the most benefit including the technology type, size, location, and use-cases. This is used to drive a conceptual project plan including a ~15% design with layout, 1-lines, estimated budget and project schedule for use in planning, regulatory, and procurement efforts.

System Planning with DERs

Advisory services and studies supporting integration of DER performance characteristics and grid impacts into traditional system planning processes, such as Distribution Planning and Integrated Resource Planning (IRP).

ESS Control and Dispatch Architecture

Design of dispatch decision-making and control architecture that achieves maximum DER value. Includes considerations of multiple value streams (“stacked benefits”), regulatory and interconnection constraints, and duty cycle impacts on asset state-of-health.

Regulatory Support for Grid Modernization

Technical and economic studies that recommend specific DER deployment formats (DER type, sizing, siting) backed up by analysis and resulting in benefit/cost ratios that can be used to support regulatory filings for DER projects or programs.

"SGP’s experience covers just about every aspect needed to build a utility ESS program. They were our go-to resource as we built up our internal energy storage program and capabilities."
Steve Casey, Manager, Strategic Planning, Eversource Energy

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